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Preaching like an elder statesman

Our latest addition to our preaching staff, the Emeritus Archdeacon Ken Allen, has been a tremendous encouragement for our church.  I remember hearing him in 2011 and thinking, this man is truly “old school” in his preaching style.  And as I’ve been maturing as a Christian and as I see preaching fads come and go,…

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Trinity and Church

This is an excerpt of a sermon preached in November 2012.   ‘The church is the people called by God for the sake of his Son to be gathered into him (the Son) by the Spirit’. So now, let’s unpack how the Bible defines church, and there are three points. The first point is that the…

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That Jude Sermon!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing a tag-team teaching of Jude at SPCH.  Together with our resident expert on Jude, Ali Robinson (currently mid-way through her phD in Jude), we worked our way through the letter.  It was a blast to do and I’ve uploaded it for your listening pleasure! Ali and…

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