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Godly Heritage

Heritage has to do with what we have inherited from the past and also what is reserved for future generations. It’s what’s formed us in the past through our backgrounds and it’s the direction we have shaped ourselves for in the future.  The word itself is easy enough to understand but the concept especially applied…

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The Love that creates an rWorld

God’s plan for the world is not an iWorld, but rather he created us for an rWorld – relational world.  The Bible points out that we’re made for relationships and we find our deepest satisfaction not when seeking self-fulfillment but when living and engaging in the full constellation of healthy human relationships that God has…

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A note on ministry strategy

Since Viv’s mum has been sick in hospital, I have had a lot of time to not only sit in the ICU waiting room, but also think about ministry strategy.  In particular, I’ve been thinking about how we can better be the body of Christ (this is loosely based in thinking around 1 Corinthians 12 – although Paul…

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