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How do you define leadership and leadership teams?

In the New Testament, “elders” (overseers) were a group of leaders responsible for leading and teaching a local church. They are godly people, mature in Christ, who love, serve and protect God’s people (1 Tim 3; 5) as they follow in Jesus’ footsteps (Mark 10:45; John 15:20). Leaders may be paid or unpaid. Leadership is also a spiritual gift (Romans 12:8), and so I think that there are leaders within the church who may or may not be in leadership roles.

Hence, when looking at appointing someone in a leadership role, I look firstly at their character, maturity and conviction in Christ, their motives in serving, their willingness to serve, and then their ability to lead others in ministry. Regarding leadership ability, I think that this can be seen in how others relate to them, whether people respect and follow them. Regarding the skills and competencies required for leadership role, I think that whilst they are important, they can be developed as leaders learn in those roles.

So I define a leadership team as a group of leaders who lead a specific ministry (for example – children’s ministry has a leadership team, or the church wardens and parish councilors together with the Senior minister and senior clergy is a leadership team for the whole church). Functionally, the leadership team works together to set vision, plan and strategize, review and pray for the ministry they are leading.