St Phil’s Editorial – 24 Dec 2019

As the year winds up and our busy lives slow down for Christmas holidays, I hope you are able to enjoy the change in pace.

Christmas is a season of great joy. It is when God showed His great love for us. It is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who is God’s son born into our world. So, this birth brought great joy to the world. Angels, shepherds, and the wise men all shared in this momentous event. They knew this was no ordinary baby.

This joyful season, I want to begin by thanking you for being part of the St Philip’s family here in Caringbah. I thank God for the blessing you are to our church. I trust that this Christmas will give you fresh opportunities to not only live for Jesus but also to proclaim Christ as Lord and Saviour in each of your communities. Finally, may God bless you this Christmas, and may the coming weeks provide an opportunity for refreshment and reflection as the New Year begins.

Yours in Christ,

St Phils Editorial

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