St Phil’s Editorial – 21 Nov 2019

The blessings we read of in the Beatitudes, and the whole sermon on the mount is not necessarily for our individual pietism. When you put all Jesus’ sermon into perspective, every good deed is outwardly focussed done in community and is ultimately for the glory of God.

As Jesus says in Matthew 5vs16:

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

I love the Salvation Army slogan “Thank God for the Salvos!” Their intent is to be such a blessing on the world that praise and thanks goes to God. So many people in our society can’t see why we need Christians: for them, we are just archaic kill-joys who want to hold back progress. They can’t see the point of having Christian schools, or Christian organisations, and especially churches.

Let me remind you that OUR Anglican schools in Sydney have 40,000 students and OUR Anglicare serves 750 000 Australians each year … and that’s not including those in their affordable housing, retirement living, and residential care. We need to work in and partner with other Christians so that we can be light and salt. We need Christian workers in every field. We need to be actively involved in organisations like Freedom for Faith, Barnabas Fund, the Center for Public Christianity, Anglicare, Generate, Compassion, World Vision .. you know them all – we need to support them and work with them and pray for them.

We must look after the most needy, poor, socially marginalised in our city; we must bring the gospel of love and peace to the unloved; we must worship God in holiness and faithfulness; and we do all this for Christ’s sake and so that many others will praise God.

Jesus warns against salt that loses its saltiness, or light that’s hidden under a bowl. They are contradictions. We should not be! We cannot hide our light from our workmates/ schoolmates/ neighbours …. or anyone who knows us!

Yours in Christ,


St Phils Editorial

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