St Phil’s Editorial – 4 Oct 2019

We’ve just completed 8 weeks of the Serminars into 1 Corinthians. Thank you for being willing to participate in something different! In response to the series, Beth and Ian S. (from the 6pm service) penned the following poem:

Eyes all bright with love and light
They sit upon their stools
And all the congregation gather round
Like eager students still in school

We consider the Corinthians
So rowdy and so wild
With patience Paul must teach them
As he would a little child

He is their father, truly
For he planted gospel’s seed
Of Christ’s Death and Resurrection
On which the Spirit breathed

But how like spoiled children
They think they know it all
So keen for latest teaching
They turn their backs on Paul

But here’s the Gospel’s secret
Made plain for all to see
It’s through his death in weakness,
that Christ has set us free
And his great resurrection, gives us the victory

Such victory hard won by Christ,
is now at work in Paul
With power to bring the dead to life
To see the sick made well
With power to preach Christ crucified and save our souls from Hell

That power is still the same today
For all who’d pay the price
Who turn their backs upon the world
Its vanity and vice

Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus Christ
His goodness and his love
So God will work through us to spread his Word
With power from above!

St Phils Editorial

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