St Phil’s Editorial – 22 Aug 2019

This Sunday we continuing into the final weeks of our serminars (and then the same will be repeated later at the 6pm congregation).

But if you haven’t yet attended a service, this is what happens:

  1. 1 Corinthians 3 is read by the bible reader,
  2. in previous weeks, the congregation had 4 minutes to write down any question that comes from the bible reading ( here are last week’s questions and here are the first Sunday … ) BUT this Sunday there are more than sufficient questions from previous weeks that can be answered from Chapter 3 – so we won’t be having an opportunity to write questions,
  3. then we will begin the seminar – which should go for 25 mins.

We have had a great time running the serminars and the anecdotal evidence is that most people are really engaging with the Bible well and getting a lot out of them.

So thank you for your feedback and your willingness to try something new!
Also here is a copy of the slide that people had difficulty reading in weeks one and two.

Yours in Christ,


St Phils Editorial

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