St Phil’s Editorial – 8 Aug 2019

This Sunday we are starting something very new. For four (4) weeks in the morning congregations (and then in four weeks, the same will be repeated at the 6pm congregation), we will trial a “seminar-styled sermon”. What this entails is very simple … Instead of the usual church sermon monologue, it will be replaced with a seminar discussing the answers to the questions the congregation raises following the Bible Reading.

This four week series will be lead be Eric and Viv Cheung. Eric and Viv are of course theologically qualified and licensed in our diocese.  But Viv is qualified in that she also has a MA in theology and also teaches on 1 Corinthians at MAC – amongst other things.

You might be wondering, how will this work? Well this week, our plan is as follows …

  1. 1 Corinthians 1 is read by the bible reader,
  2. the congregation will have 4 minutes to write down any question that comes from the bible reading,
  3. the congregation will sing a song. During the song, questions will be collated;
  4. the service pray-er will lead the congregation in prayer
  5. then we will begin the seminar – which should go for 20 mins.

Yes, this is an innovation which we have never tried before. And doing things differently is always a walk into the unknown – and so it will take some getting used to. However, we really do believe that this method will help us engage in God’s word in different ways to a standard sermon. Please keep praying with us and we’d really value your feedback during and after the 4 week trial!

Yours in Christ,


St Phils Editorial

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