St Phil’s Editorial – 24 May 2019

University Campuses are probably one of the most strategic mission fields we have in our community. It has once been said that “if we can win the campus today, we will win the world tomorrow” (Bill Bright from Campus Crusade for Christ)

Universities are designed for students to explore the universe and grow in knowledge and prepare for a lifetime of responsibility and fruitful work. But being at university also allows the right atmosphere to explore the bigger questions of life …. which is why university ministries exist. Moreover, “[a] campus ministry can be unmatched in helping students connect with other likeminded believers, especially in an ideologically hostile academic or social setting. A good one will help equip Christian students to defend the faith, serve the poor, and be held accountable to each other. ”

This Sunday we welcome Rowan Kemp to St Phil’s. Rowan and Jenny and family have been well known to us over the years – they are our link missionaries. Rowan is the Campus Director of the Evangelical Union at Sydney University. By leading their staff team, he seeks to “flood God’s church with lay and vocational Christian leaders from Sydney Uni by proclaiming Jesus Christ to all who listen!”

We hope you are encouraged by Rowan Kemp’s visit this week.

St Phils Editorial

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