Sometimes, Pastors just need encouragement ….

Today, I received an email after the sermon I preached on Sunday morning.  I am so thankful church members take the time to encourage me … I really needed it today!

Hi Eric,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the word you preached on Sunday at 10am. I was so blessed by what I heard and encouraged. You reminded me of a very important truth, one I was unknowingly struggling with in unbelief. When you spoke of how we are alive in Jesus and our sin has been put to death so we can be robust in Christ, I was greatly encouraged. I keep saying to my husband, when will I be transformed by Christ and God’s word? I am journally and going to bible study and all these things have been teaching me so much about God and Christ but I was becoming frustrated that I was still quick to anger, and still weak in the flesh. However since Sunday I have been continuing to pray psalm 51:10-12, that God would create in me a pure heart and sustain me with His steadfast spirit. I have also been reminder of what you committed to faith- that we are alive in Christ now! I can see that now when I want to be angry quickly, that the spirit is prompting me to see that I need to be slow to anger.

Thanks again


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