3 things to say to me after church that freak me out!

I was at the gym yesterday and my partner asked what type of things freak you out at church? Well here are three things that do that when said to me after the church service:

3) That was really good, but …..
– well thank you very much Mr GoodButt!
2) I really want to know what you think about [insert what the sermon was on] …..
– ummm didn’t you pay any attention to anything I said?
1) You really touched me today
– I hope not!

No really, preaching is one of the great privileges we have as ministers. It’s a mighty responsibility to handle the word of God and in Christ’s name and by His Spirit, feed his flock. I love the preaching spots I get at SPCH as much as I love God’s people there. So thanks for giving your time to listen to me ramble on Sundays. See you this Sunday!

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