Defining Innovation

Innovation is something I’m always thinking about.  I came across this article this morning which just caught my eye and got me thinking about ministry.  Amongst other interesting idea, this paragraph caught my eye:

How do innovations emerge in society?

It is process of what Joseph Schumpeter, the Austrian economist, called ‘creative destruction’. In a major innovation cycle, the old world disappears before the new world fully emerges. The old product or service is no longer successful, but it is not yet certain will be the new ones of the future. As Schumpeter says, innovation destroys value before creating new value. In France, for example, one factory is shutting every day, often involving moves to Asian countries where the same products continue to be made more cheaply. There is a lot of instability before the innovations emerge. And the innovative new companies are not really creating jobs: Wikipedia is a company run by 100 people, but since it was launched, HP has laid off 18,000 staff in Palo Alto.


This seems to ring true around churches and ministry too!  Your thoughts?




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