How to eat a Pan-fried Pork Bun

I thought I’d kick off this year with something light hearted.

We have been trying out dumpling restaurants around Sydney the last few weeks.  As we’ve have sampled various Asian cuisines, I have been fascinated by watching my 4 year old adapt his eating to not only avoid the scorching hot soup, but also to be able to eat a dumpling faster than most of the adults without burning his tongue or wearing the soup!

2012-12-28 12.55.10

The current dumpling of choice is a pan-fried pork bun (Siu Lung Bao).  These are a specialty of Shanghai (although I have had some pretty good ones in Beijing too!)  They are shaped like the normal Chinese pork buns (char siu bao) in that that they are steamed first.  But they are also pan fried to give the bottom of the buns a crispy fried finish.

Here is how to eat one (according to a 4 year old)

  1. Open up the top to let some of the steam out2012-12-28 13.07.52
    2012-12-28 13.07.23
  2. Suck the boiling soup out2012-12-28 13.08.50
  3. Eat the rest2012-12-28 13.01.21


Well there you have it. Enjoy your next pan-fried pork bun!


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