Monthly Archives: December 2012

What is apologetics (an analogy)?

“To use an analogy found in the writings of Martin Luther, faith is like getting in a boat Boats at Caboand crossing the sea to an island.  Apologetics can help establish that it is reasonable to believe there is a boat, that it is likely to be safe to travel in, and that there is an island just beyond the horizon.  But you still need to get in the boat and travel to the island.  Faith is about commitment to God, not just a belief in God.  Once more, this is a difficulty that can be avoided by realising apologetics and evangelism are essential and interconnected partners in Christian outreach.”

Alister E. McGrath, Mere Apologetics, 24.

An update in SPCH Mission Funding Strategy and recent giving

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “What is our funding strategy/vision for mission at our church?”  Well to answer that, here it is our official SPCH Mission Funding Strategy:

Mission Task Force will prayerfully seek to use SPCH resources in a way that will best advance the growth of God’s kingdom whilst also growing mission thinking and doing within our church.

This means, we will do our best to use the limited resources God has given us to extend God’s kingdom. Moreover, a highly desirable outcome in doing this must include the growth of mission activity within our church.

With that in mind, at our most recent Mission Task Force, after prayer and much consideration we have decided to give the following moneys for this quarter:

  1. $19, 000 to CMS
  2. $19, 000 to BCA
  3. $7, 000 to CPX
  4. + some other groups which I will sort out and make official in the new year.