One reason I love our Archbishop ….

Archbishop Peter Jensen has been a pretty good leader of our diocese the last decade or so.  But if I were to reflect on the one thing that has effected me most in my time under him, it’s been the great things I learnt under his preaching.  I still even remember the sermon he preached on the Holy Spirit when he was guest speaker at St Clements Mosman (over 20 years ago)!

This year, he came to speak at SPCH on the same day Stephen Lungu was giving his testimony.  Stephen Lungu is a powerful African evangelist.  And the Archbishop was scheduled to preach from Romans 5 immediately after Stephen’s awesome and engaging testimony.  And of course, Peter Jensen did not disappoint.  I’ve given and heard a lot of evangelistic sermons this year – and the Archbishop’s has to be up there in the top couple!  Listen to the audio below:

Stephen Lungu’s testimony –

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s response –

PS: Peter gave this sermon after dinner, and one thing I love is the spontenaity of the sermon.  On the way into the church he said “I’m bored of the sermon I wrote, do you mind if I preach another?” (ie do you mind if I wing it?)

PPS: The last 30 seconds of the sermon brought the house down.

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