Month: March 2012

ICU always sucks!

I am writing this sitting inside the intesive care unit of Royal North Shore Hospital. Every time I come here, it’s different – especialy when one of your relatives have been admitted here. There are no machines that go “bing”. Instead there is the hissing of oxygen, the bustle of the medical staff, and the…

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Thoughts on Social Justice

Social justice is something which is really on the mind of many evangelical churches in Australia.  The one I’m a minister at not withstanding!  The interest in social justice has been growing over the past 5 years – in Sydney, we’re probably 5-8 years behind the rest of the evangelical world. And honestly, social justice…

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Mission Funding in your church

Our church has its’ AGM next week, so I thought I’d jot down some interesting trends and reflections from its’ current mission funding strategy. Right up front, when I mean “Mission Funding”, I  am speaking of any funding that goes from the people of our church into some kind of mission enterprise, like a link…

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