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I finished an engineering degree at UNSW in 1996.  One of my big regrets over the past 15 years is not keeping up with my fascination with electronics – funnily enough it was one of my majors (such a waste of a uni education!)

Maybe it is pre-mid-life-crisis jitters, but that is all changing because over the past few years I have started tinkering with microcontrollers again (I still have flashback nightmares to our transputer labs in 2nd year uni.)  But anyway, the one’s I’ve been playing with are the arduino variety.  Can I just say that electronics have sure come a long way since the old Dick Smith Funway kits of my youth and my kids will definitely be playing with stuff way cooler than I did as a kid!

Any my first real life project is to create a solar powered GPS datalogger.

Components are:

  • Seeduino Stalker v2.1
  • 2A Li-po battery
  • 0.5W solar cell
  • GPS Bee with enhance ucl antennae
  • Water proof enclosure (but it won’t really be if I drill holes in it to mount it to the bike)
  • 2gb MicroSD Card

I’m starting to ride with some guys from church next week.  I’ll tell you how it goes!!!

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